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Situated in Kodaira, in the western part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Kaetsu University offers higher education courses that combine traditional aspects of commercial education with cutting edge ideas. As a result, the courses offered by Kaetsu University are unique, not only in the Tokyo area, but in the whole of Japan.


The origins of Kaetsu University lie in the innovative ideas of Taka Kaetsu, our foundress, who in 1903 took the highly unusual step of establishing a commercial school aimed specifically at the education of young women. The school continued to develop and grow as a higher educational institution during the 1980s and 1990s, and since 2012 has consisted of two faculties (the Faculty of Management and Economics and the Faculty of Business Innovation) and a Graduate School of Business Innovation offering Master and Doctor of Business Innovation courses. The University has continued to aim at equipping graduates with a keen sense of the roles required of them in today’s business world


Kaetsu University has also become well known for its work in two areas now considered to be of great importance in the educational world of Japan. The first is an emphasis on first year courses to provide a smooth progression from high school to university education, the second is providing students with actual business experience both off and on campus. The Japanese mass media has been quick to pick up on the pioneering work of the University in these two areas. Kaetsu University has also been one of the first universities in Japan to promote “active learning” and is well known for its early efforts in equipping the campus with the necessary up-to-date classroom facilities and IT network system

Kaetsu University is also famous for its women’s volleyball team. The team has been top of the all-Japan college league several times and many graduates have gone on to play professionally.

The mission of Kaetsu University today lies not only in developing courses that will produce the Japanese business people of the future, but also in strengthening the international aspects of its education to produce business people who can be active throughout the world. Through its links with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States and China, the University actively promotes student exchange and the acceptance of overseas students into courses in Japan. The University also boasts new and innovative English language education courses. Drawing on its traditions of commercial education, and its emphasis on the development of an innovative and creative sense for business, Kaetsu University will strive even harder to produce graduates who are active not only in Japan, but on the world stage.

The Faculty of Management and Economics

The Faculty of Management and Economics offers courses in Economics, Management, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Commercial Science and Marketing to provide students with an all-round view of society and the ability to be active in a variety of fields. From their second year, all students choose one of the above areas and, beginning with the basics, study in detail. Through their study, students are also encouraged to explore what exactly it is that they can contribute to society, leading to the development of future professionals who can work in their chosen fields with confidence and pride. There are seven special programmes for students who have an ambition to enter a specific professional field.

The Faculty of Business Innovation

Courses in the Faculty of Business Innovation place an emphasis not only on academic study and communication skills, but on using and developing these through research and hands-on experience in the business world itself. This means a brand-new approach to the study of business where students are encouraged to act first, before then going on to an academic analysis of their experiences, thus building up the necessary knowledge for work in the future. Having studied the basics during their first semester, students go on to face the challenge of work in a variety of fields. From the second semester of their first year they are able to combine academic study and actual work experience so they can develop the confidence and flexibility that they need to become the business leaders of the future.

Graduate School of Business Innovation

Master’s Course

In this course, the emphasis is placed on the small and medium enterprises which are key to the development of the Japanese economy, on their role and innovations. Research may take place on the local economy, supported in the main by SMEs, as well as the fields which in turn support the development of SMEs (law, taxation, accounting, IT, the environment and so on).

Doctor’s Course

Based on the academic strengths gained in the master’s course, fields of research are developed and new fields discovered as researchers come to a new understanding of realities and draw new and valuable conclusions. This course also provides a valuable way for professionals to expand their knowledge and build on their careers.

University Organization
  • University Administration Office
  • Academic Affairs Center
  • Educational Affairs Center
  • Careers Center
  • Information and Media Center
  • Admissions Center
  • Kaetsu University Institute of Local Industry and Culture
  • Kaetsu University Research Institute of Management and Economics
The Kaetsu Educational Foundation also comprises of
  • Kaetsu Ariake Junior and Senior High Schools
School Fees
Kaetsu University, Faculty of Management and EconomicsJPY 1,314,000- (annual)
Kaetsu University, Graduate School of Business InnovationJPY 984,000- (annual)

※ The above amount does not include living costs which are paid by the individual student.

Important dates in our history
1903Taka Kaetsu, our foundress, opens Japan’s very first private commercial school for girls
1919Taka Kaetsu becomes head of the school (taking over from a male colleague) and changes the school name to the Japan Commercial Girls’ School
1929he school is renamed the Japan Commercial Girls’ High School
1944Japan Women’s Commercial High School becomes Japan Women’s College of Economics
1950With the post-war reorganisation of education, the school is re-established as the Japan Women’s College of Economics
1951A graduate becomes Japan’s first female certified accountant
1982The Japan Women’s College of Economics is re-named Kaetsu Women’s College and moves to the present Kaetsu University campus in western Tokyo
1993Kaetsu Women’s College opens a Department of Management Information
1996he Kaetsu Educational and Cultural Centre is built in Cambridge, UK, through an historic agreement with New Hall(Presently Murray Edwards college), University of Cambridge
2001Kaetsu University opens, offering four-year courses to men and women in its Department of Management and Economics. The Women’s College is incorporated into the University, and continues to offer two year courses to women only
2003The Kaetsu organization celebrates its centenary
2005A Faculty of Management and Law is incorporated into the Department of Management and Economics. The former Women’s College becomes the Department of Business Communication
2010Kaetsu University establishes a graduate programme, offering further degrees in Business Creative Research.
2012A Doctor’s Course is established in the Graduate School
The Faculty of Business Innovation is established
2013The Kaetsu Educational Foundation celebrates 110 years since its foundation

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